Unusual: carabiniere reports to another carabiniere for driving radio patrol without his license | National

A policeman must explain in front of a judge why he was driving a radio patrol without carrying the corresponding license. This, after a colleague of his caught him committing the offense and decided to get a report out of him. The situation opened debate among members of the institution, but from the Carabineros they … Read more

A Carabineros captain and second lieutenant are arrested for drunk driving in La Reina and Las Condes | National

These two cases have already been made available to the Prosecutor’s Office for their respective investigations, while the Carabineros institution has already started a process of disassociation against these uniformed officers who were arrested for driving while intoxicated. And captain and a second lieutenant of Carabineros They were arrested during the day this Friday in … Read more

Complainant describes femicide in Futrono as “perverse”: victim received 18 stab wounds in front of baby | National

In preventive detention, a police officer was discharged for the femicide against a mother of two minors in Futrono, in the Los Ríos region. One of them is a newborn who would be the accused’s son. The Guarantee Court of Los Lagos sent a 23-year-old man to preventive detention, charged as the author of the … Read more

Parliamentarians react to General Yáñez’s criticism after the murder of a carabinero: “It’s very good” | National

Parliamentarians responded to the statements of the general director of Carabineros, Ricardo Yáñez, who called on Congress to take action after the murder of Corporal David Florido Cisternas, in the Pedro Aguirre Cerda commune. The opposition supported Yáñez, emphasizing that “it is very good that General Ricardo Yáñez tells them to their faces that they … Read more

Deputy Alessandri broadcasts video of assault on carabinero

Deputy Alessandri broadcasts video of assault on carabinero

On the ground and surrounded by at least five people who beat him. This is how the policeman who shot a young man during the demonstration held on Friday in Santiago is observed. The video was shared by deputy Jorge Alessandri (UDI), who insisted that “we believe and know that the use of the service … Read more