Credit Suisse fined $81 million in the US

According to a law firm in the USA, the Swiss bank Credit Suisse has agreed to pay 81 million dollars after allegations of unfair collusion. In addition, the bank is committed to helping the plaintiffs in the proceedings against other financial institutions accused of the matter, said the law firm Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll. … Read more

What will happen to WhatsApp and Instagram?

Logos from Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram Facebook bought Instagram for around $ 1 billion in 2012 and WhatsApp for around $ 22 billion in 2014. (Photo: Reuters) Washington The competition lawsuit, with which the US government wants to smash Facebook, has been accepted in the second attempt by a court in Washington. Judge James Boasberg … Read more

US antitrust authorities have filed another lawsuit against Facebook

Facebook According to the FTC, the group is to be obliged to obtain prior approval for future takeovers. (Photo: Reuters) Washington The US antitrust authority FTC is taking action against Facebook’s market power with an amended lawsuit. The FTC announced that the authority filed a modified version of its most recently dismissed lawsuit against the … Read more

British antitrust watchdogs with concerns about Giphy purchase

Facebook The CMA also views Giphy as a competitor to Facebook in the online advertising market. (Photo: Reuters) London Facebook is facing headwinds from London in its plans to take over the Giphy clip platform. The British antitrust authority CMA came to the conclusion in its preliminary report that the deal would weaken competition between … Read more

EU Commission reports concerns about takeover plans

Facebook The power of the social network is growing. That calls the competition guardians on the scene. (Photo: dpa) Brussels The EU’s competition watchdogs have raised concerns about Facebook’s planned purchase of the start-up Kustomer. Specifically, according to the EU Commission on Monday, it was feared that the takeover could restrict competition in the market … Read more

Joe Biden wants to curb the overwhelming power of large corporations

Joe Biden The US president wants to increase competition in the agricultural, banking and internet sectors, among other things. (Photo: AP) Washington US President Joe Biden wants to promote competition in the American economy and curb the overwhelming power of large corporations in certain industries. “I am a proud capitalist,” said Biden on Friday. “But … Read more