“Prison is useless, it does not resocialize but, on the contrary, aggravates the problems”

By Rosary3 | 21-03-2023 9:30 The intense criminal activity in prisons forced a debate that was dormant: Does confinement serve to guide people who committed crimes when prisons are hellish places? Weeks ago, the prosecutor of the Shooting Unit, Valeria Haurigot, assured in Radiopolis (Radio 2) that high-profile inmates only use the media to stay … Read more

Flu shot: who should get a dose and where to go

By Rosary3 | 20-03-2023 19:15 The Ministry of Health of the province joined this Monday the launch of the flu vaccination that is carried out at the national level. The head of the area, Sonia Martorano, stressed that “flu vaccination is launched with a target population of 600 thousand people with 50 thousand doses arrived … Read more

Central achieved its first victory as a visitor: it showed its best version and beat Huracán

By Rosary3 | 20-03-2023 23:2 Rosario Central closed matchday 8 this Monday with its first victory as a visitor. It was against Huracán in Parque Patricios 2-0 with goals from Ignacio Malcorra and Alejo Véliz, both in the first half. The Canalla team had been hit by heavy defeats when they left home, but this … Read more

NASA presented the suit that the first woman to walk on the Moon will wear

By Rosary3 | 17-03-2023 12:44 In 2025 and after more than 50 years, NASA will once again send people to the Moon and this time there will be room for women. After more than 50 years, the operation is back on track and this Wednesday they presented the suits that the summoned astronauts will wear. … Read more

He was imprisoned for extorting a well-known company on behalf of Los Monos: he was a relative of the victims

By Rosary3 | 17-03-2023 14:14 A 28-year-old suspect was accused this Thursday of having carried out a string of extortions in the name of Los Monos against those responsible for a well-known company that operates in Puerto Norte and Miami, United States. However, as the prosecutor of Shootings Pablo Socca was able to establish, was … Read more

Better than WhatsApp: which is the most secure messaging application

By Rosary3 | 03-03-2023 16:27 Las messaging apps They have become essential tools for millions of users around the world, who use them daily to work or keep in touch with their families. And although WhatsApp is the most used, there are alternatives that even have superior characteristics in sections such as privacy. The most … Read more