AK Savings Interest Test: Something is finally happening!

2023-09-07 05:26:21 Vienna (OTS) – The key interest rate hikes by the ECB have now also reached savers, albeit with some delay and not to the same extent: “But something is happening in the interest rate landscape,” notes Gabriele Zgubic, head of consumer policy at AK Vienna. She also points out that the AK bank … Read more

AK supports families with a childcare bonus and demands free childcare from the age of two

2023-09-04 06:45:09 Linz – Child care and education is still not free in Upper Austria. The negative consequences are many and varied: the family accounts are additionally burdened and women often cannot decide for themselves how many hours they work. AK President Andreas Stangl calls for the immediate abolition of afternoon fees in kindergarten and … Read more

FPÖ – Belakowitsch/Kassegger: “Confirm millions of additional income for AK and WKO: compulsory membership must go!” | Liberal Parliament Club

2023-08-15 13:01:14 Both chambers are “profiteers from inflation” at the expense of their forced contributors, who suffer from inflation and fear for their existence Vienna (OTS) – “It cannot be that more and more people slide into poverty, companies fear for their existence and the chambers, as ‘beneficiaries’ of record inflation, are literally swimming in … Read more

Around 2,100 people from the Waldviertel at the AK/ÖGB family festival in Schrems

2023-08-14 14:01:07 Successful series of events organized by AK Niederösterreich and ÖGB St. Polten (OTS) – In bright sunshine, AK and ÖGB Niederösterreich welcomed around 2,100 visitors to the family festival in the Waldviertel in Schrems on Saturday, August 12th. A diverse leisure and event program guarantees an eventful day for the whole family. “We … Read more

AK and ÖGB: Relief for lower incomes and families with a third!

2023-08-12 08:00:46 Make commuter flat rates fairer, flat rate advertising costs the same since 1988 Vienna (OTS) – AK and ÖGB are demanding that the government use the third of the cold progression that is not automatically compensated to relieve families and lower incomes, as well as to increase the mileage allowance, a fair commuter … Read more

AK Anderl on Equal Pension Day: Women pay twice as much

2023-08-04 04:01:04 Vienna (OTS) – “Today’s Equal Pension Day once again shows very clearly that women are still disadvantaged – whether on the job market or in retirement,” says AK President Renate Anderl. “Women are well educated and want to work, but face many obstacles: involuntary part-time work, childcare, caring for relatives and lower pay. … Read more