Ke Wenzhe chokes for 3+11[Everyone will wait and see!” Chen Shizhong: It’s not necessary to find a scapegoat | Politics | Newtalk

The picture shows Chen Shizhong, the commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center, and Ke Wenzhe, the Mayor of Taipei City Government, previously announced the establishment of a joint forward command post to station in Huannan Market.Picture: Zhang Liangyi / photo The local epidemic broke out in Taiwan in May. The outside world blamed the … Read more

Fan Yun’s “coordination” pilot isolation for 3 days creates a breach in epidemic prevention: It is the legislator’s job to respond to public opinion | Politics | 新头壳 Newtalk

Fan Yunkai’s coordination meeting facilitated the adjustment of pilots from the original “5+9” to “3+11”, which caused many netizens to point to Fan Yun’s hindrance.Picture: Fan Yun’s Facebook page The case of China Airlines and Novotel Hotel led to a breach of epidemic prevention in Taiwan. On the 11th, there were 7 newly confirmed cases … Read more

Air cargo prices and volume rise, China Airlines’ April revenue hits new high after the epidemic-Free Finance

China Airlines’ April revenue hit a record high since the epidemic. (Provided by China Airlines) [Reporter Wang Yihong/Taipei Report]Benefiting from the increase in air cargo prices, China Airlines’ April revenue was 10.873 billion yuan, a 4% increase in monthly and 30.66% annual growth, setting a new high after the epidemic. Among China Airlines’ April revenue, … Read more

All pilots recalled for quarantine, China Airlines’ gas explosion: it is approaching grounding-Life-Zhongshi News Network

The pilot of China Airlines was diagnosed with a serial explosion, and the command center ordered the implementation of China Airlines Zero Program 2.0, and all pilots were recalled for quarantine. Commander Chen Shizhong said that China Airlines will continue to suspend flights for 14 days, which is a painful decision. China Airlines was furious … Read more

News News” 2 additional cases of Novotel China Airlines! 1The pilot and his family members are diagnosed | Life | 新头壳 Newtalk

Chen Shizhong, commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center.Picture: Central Epidemic Command Center/Provided 2 new cases confirmed in the Novotel group gathering case of China Airlines! The Central Epidemic Command Center announced today (8) that there was one new confirmed case of Wuhan pneumonia in the investigation of the source of infection in the country, … Read more

The spread of the epidemic on the Internet is shocked when I see a top-down picture: the DPP has a teammate in the prevention of epidemic pigs-Politics-Zhongshi News Network

A number of China Airlines pilots have been diagnosed one after another, and the director of the Novotel Hotel has also contracted the disease. The Central Epidemic Command Center stated that the determination of the British variant strain is the same as the China Airlines infected pilot, and there may be the possibility of cross-contagion … Read more