the boss of real estate giant Evergrande under house arrest, according to Bloomberg

2023-09-27 15:25:35 The boss of Evergrande, a Chinese real estate giant with astronomical debt, is under house arrest, the Bloomberg agency said on Wednesday, as the group faces increased pressure from its creditors. Published on : 27/09/2023 – 17:25 3 mn The descent into hell continues for the Chinese group Evergrande. The boss of the … Read more

European Commissioner for Trade Visits China Amidst Electric Car Concerns

2023-09-23 14:46:16 In a tense economic context, particularly around electric cars, the European Commissioner for Trade is in China for four days. In Shanghai, Valdis Dombrovskis, the Union’s trade commissioner, stressed that a number of shocks, notably the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and Sino-American tensions, have revealed the fragility of the global economy. ADVERTISEMENT … Read more

France’s Abaya Ban Complaint: UN Response & Global Equality Speech by Secretary General Antonio Guterres

2023-09-22 14:00:24 Ban on the abaya: a complaint filed against France before the UN 22 sept. 2023 This complaint was announced exclusively by Anadolu while on Tuesday, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres delivered a vibrant speech on equality and the fight against discrimination in New York. Ban on the abaya: a complaint filed against France … Read more

Starbucks’ $220 Million Coffee Innovation Park in China: A Sign of Multinationals’ Interest Despite Economic Difficulties

2023-09-19 10:44:54 The American coffee giant Starbucks opened a “parc d’innovation» open to the public, for a budget of 220 million dollars (206 million euros), a sign of the interest that multinationals maintain in China, despite its economic difficulties. The announcement comes as the American and European Union chambers of commerce in China published reports … Read more

Mitigating Security Risks: Beware of Yealink devices and Chinese Government Access

2023-09-16 06:18:00 Belgian State Security warns these entities. “According to open sources, Yealink does indeed present certain technical security risks,” says Peter Gorlé, spokesperson for State Security. “In addition, Yealink is subject to Chinese laws regarding Chinese government access to data collected by domestic companies.” In addition to the risk of espionage from China, several … Read more

The $23 Trillion Value of America’s Land: Exploring the Wealth and Potential of the United States Territories

2015-04-23 07:00:00 America’s land is worth $23 trillion, according to a federal government economist. AP/AP America’s land, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, is worth $23 trillion, according to a federal government economist. Almost half of the land is cultivated, but only generates 8% of the wealth. “The earth… it is the only thing in … Read more