Skilled trades see bottlenecks as “economic killers”

Berlin The Federation of German Industries (BDI) has called on the EU to act in view of the scarcity of raw materials. “With a view to strengthening its strategic sovereignty, the EU is required to deal quickly with delivery bottlenecks and capacity building,” said Wolfgang Niedermark, member of the BDI management board, the Handelsblatt. The … Read more

5 reasons why chips will remain in short supply

Chip factory Customers order more than semiconductor manufacturers can deliver. (Foto: Bloomberg) Munich The consulting firm Alix Partners estimates that 3.9 million fewer cars will be built worldwide this year than planned due to a lack of semiconductors. Computer manufacturers, cell phone manufacturers and system builders are also desperately waiting for electronic components to be replenished. … Read more

Report: Intel adds new processors for mobile devices

Company added Intel Five consumer processors and five commercial to the eleventh generation of the eleventh-generation Core H series (codenamed “Tiger Lake-H”), both groups include three eight-core chips and two hex-core chips, all at 35W , Except for the Core i9-11980HK, which clocked at 65W, you’ll see it in more than 30 ultraportable machines (20mm … Read more

Intel, Infineon, Globalfoundries: Saxony is hoping for billions in chips

Bosch semiconductor factory In June, the Swabian auto supplier opens its new chip factory in Dresden. (Photo: dpa) Munich In June the following will be celebrated in Dresden: Bosch opens its new semiconductor factory. It is the first greenfield chip factory in Europe for more than a decade. You may not have to wait so … Read more

Stellantis stops making 190,000 cars until March due to lack of chips

Unai MezcuaFOLLOW, CONTINUE Updated:05/05/2021 19:29h Keep Related news The lack of semiconductor chips has caused Stellantis to stop producing 190,000 vehicles during the first quarter of the year. The shortage has made it manufacture 11% less than it had initially planned, as detailed yesterday by the industrial giant that emerged from the merger between Fiat … Read more

Good chances for a new mega-factory in Germany

Intel headquarters in Santa Clara, California Intel also wants to get back to the top technologically, after Apple caused a sensation with the specially developed M1 chip. (Foto: © 2021 Bloomberg Finance LP) Munich It is no coincidence that the first trip abroad of the new IntelBoss Pat Gelsinger to Germany this week. The manager is … Read more