LH Mikl-Leitner at the benediction of Provost Anton Höslinger in Klosterneuburg

2023-09-24 13:56:29 “You know how to put your strong faith into action” St. Pölten (OTS/NLK) – During a large pontifical mass in the collegiate church of the Augustinian Canons’ Monastery in Klosterneuburg, the new provost Anton Höslinger was blessed today, Sunday, by the Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn. In addition to many believers from … Read more

Funeral Details and Obituary for Sébastien Compère | Honoring the Life of a Beloved 22-Year-Old

2023-09-09 15:04:42 The family asks us to clarify that the funeral of Sébastien Compère will be held on Thursday September 14, at 9:30 a.m., at the Saint-Léonard church located rue du Fort, in the La Chatqueue Seraing district. Sébastien rests at his home, rue de Boncelles n° 465, in Ougrée. Visits will take place this … Read more

Mary Name Celebration: Europe needs Christian values ​​and peace

2023-09-09 18:39:28 Archbishop Franz Lackner at the religious festival of the Rosary Atonement Crusade prayer community: Christians should also take the freedom “not to do what the zeitgeist dictates” – EU Vice President Karas: “Christian values ​​are a safe compass and answer to the question: Europe – where to? “ Vienna (KAP) – Europe has … Read more

Curious Wallaby Spotted in Aiseau! Help Find its Owner and Learn About Wallaby Ownership in Wallonia

2023-09-03 09:31:34 The little wallaby, which is obviously not wild, was photographed this Sunday, September 3 in the parking lot of the church of Aiseau-Presles. The curious marsupial is on the loose in Aiseau! – Facebook A post on social networks quickly made the rounds of the village to find out who was the owner … Read more

Bishop Schwarz and the Catholic Action for a Synodal Church

2023-07-14 16:05:05 St. Pölten (OTS) – In many encounters with the faithful in the diocese of St. Pölten, Bishop Alois Schwarz has made it clear how strong the commitment and voluntary work of women and men, young people and children is within the church. “Catholic Action plays a significant role in our effort to actively … Read more