Suspension of links with the United Kingdom, epidemic rebound, yellow vests … most of the news of the weekend

In France United Kingdom. Following a defense council and like many European countries, Emmanuel Macron decided to stop road, air, sea or rail connections from … Read more

The live show, tense from the stream

This post comes from the daily newsletter of the Culture department of Release, sent free of charge every evening. Live-stream shows are bad. It is … Read more

The Hauts Plateaux, the spectacle of Mathurin Bolze, has the beauty of the devil

The trampolinist’s show convinces more by its acrobatic prowess than by its ecological purpose. The Highlands, the last play by Mathurin Bolze. Brice Robert He … Read more

“Les Hauts Plateaux”, dream of union at the top

Stuck in a Plexiglas cabin barely smaller than a phone booth of yesteryear (or barely larger than a coffin), a restless man feverishly expresses into … Read more