Xiamen Technician College Suicide: Breaking News and Suicide Prevention Resources

2023-12-18 12:34:03 A 25-year-old male instructor at Xiamen Technician College was about to get married, but he committed suicide by jumping off a building. (Picture/reproduced from Xiaoxiang Morning News) The huge pressure makes people breathless! A 25-year-old male instructor surnamed Xu from Xiamen Technician College in China was in his prime, had a fiancée, and … Read more

Tragic Suicide at Xiamen Technician College Sparks Outcry Over Work Pressure and Mental Health Support

2023-12-18 12:34:03 The huge pressure makes people breathless! A 25-year-old male instructor surnamed Xu from Xiamen Technician College in China was in his prime, had a fiancée, and had even set a wedding date. Two weeks ago, he jumped from the 13th floor and ended his life. His family members checked their computers and mobile … Read more

Tragic Suicide of 88-Year-Old Woman: Son and Daughter-in-Law Watched Helplessly – The Shocking Story that Exposes the Dark Side of Family Dynamics

2023-10-13 01:27:32 An 88-year-old woman in Hunan Province committed suicide by drinking pesticide. Unexpectedly, her son and daughter-in-law watched her until she died. Afterwards, she argued that “it was hopeless” and did not send her to the hospital. (Picture/reproduced from “NetEase News”) An 88-year-old woman surnamed Liu from Hunan Province in mainland China was so … Read more

Shocking Incident of Domestic Violence: Bloody Crime at Foire du Midi

2023-08-21 15:57:38 First of all, a man, who was only wearing bloody underpants and a t-shirt, landed on the fairgrounds this Sunday afternoon, around 5:45 p.m. or rather a jump of three floors. Then, while intervening in the apartment of the building on the Boulevard du Midi where this injured person came from, the police … Read more

Tragic Incident: Man Kills Partner and Child, Commits Suicide in Leuven – Investigation Underway

2023-07-18 15:30:00 Hengchun, the man who apparently killed his partner Yu and one of his children on Monday in Leuven, was found dead near Bokrijk. The investigation by the Limburg prosecutor’s office showed that the suspect committed suicide, said the Leuven prosecutor’s office on Tuesday morning. “Monday afternoon, at 4:28 p.m., a man called the … Read more

“Tragic Stabbing in Netherlands: 9-Year-Old Girl Dies, Father Found Dead – Latest News and Updates”

2023-04-29 18:44:27 The small Dutch town of Etten-Leur, a few kilometers from the border with the province of Antwerp, is in shock. Last night a 9-year-old girl died after being stabbed by her father. According to Dutch media reports, the 41-year-old tried to kill his wife and daughter in their apartment. He then allegedly jumped … Read more

“Suspicious Deaths in Zegelsem: Details and Investigation Updates”

2023-04-24 05:26:09 The woman’s body was discovered around 5:15 p.m. in a street in Zegelsem, in front of her home. Firefighters were called and set up a tent to conceal the body. The man, who is probably the husband of the first victim, was discovered shortly after, not far away. The deaths are considered suspicious, … Read more

a father kills his five children, his wife and his mother-in-law before committing suicide

The first elements of the investigation “suggest that the suspect committed suicide after killing seven other people in the home”, explained in a press release the city of Enoch City in Utah where the tragedy took place. Police discovered the bodies Wednesday afternoon after receiving a call asking them to check on the family’s condition, … Read more