Criticism of the Lauterbach initiative: fourth vaccination? “Questionable”

Criticism of the Lauterbach initiative: fourth vaccination?  “Questionable”

I have. VBUI: PnupepaepnupkellpOlulplel Gelt Uenlelpeek (PBB) pllual ent elue ulelle Puluue-lOotnua tel ett ep b9. Are you going down, Fell Beppl? Pupleep Bepplnek: Pnp lOOnuutualpekel Plekl lpl pep enOlupepl tleavelpla. VBUI: Well? Bepplnek: Velt plek pep lOOnupvpleO eu elueu lOotplutt aevokul, pel lepeO velleleu Puuplel vllp ple lOOnuleehlluu pekvoekel. Ble elpleu pelpeu lOotnuaeu enpeOOeu … Read more

Vaccination obligation for medical staff hardly verifiable

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Discoverer should be silent about mild omicron courses – corona virus

The medic was the first to discover Omicron. Early on she saw milder gradients than the previous versions – but she should keep quiet about it. The South African explorer Omikron-Variant des Coronavirus According to its own statements, at the beginning of the new pandemic wave it was asked not to speak publicly about the … Read more

Corona: Lauterbach believes that the corona measures can be relaxed “well before Easter”.

BHealth Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) believes that the corona measures will only be relaxed in a few weeks. Lauterbach said on Sunday at Picture TV: “I believe that we will relax well before Easter.” He was “firmly convinced” of that. The prerequisite, however, is that the omicron wave reaches its peak in mid-February, as expected. … Read more

London is probably overturning the planned compulsory vaccination for doctors

In London on Monday there were increasing signs that the planned vaccination requirement for doctors and nurses in the National Health Service (NHS) would be overturned. Several newspapers reported that the decision had been made in the government and that Health Minister Sajid Javid only wanted to have it approved in the so-called Corona Cabinet. … Read more

Federal and state governments discuss strategy

Berlin The federal and state governments want to prioritize the PCR tests more strongly in view of the rapidly increasing number of corona cases. This emerges from the draft resolution for the conference of state leaders with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) on Monday. “The currently high number of new infections, which is expected to continue … Read more