The minister could not explain what would happen to Rail Baltica

“Immediately upon taking office” Therefore, the request of a number of parliamentary deputies to the “head of the transport department” Kaspars Briskens (Progressives) was very understandable. To be fair, we note that the head of the Ministry of Transport, who has enough energy, for example, to participate in rallies in support of Ukraine that are … Read more

Oman Mammootty Fans and Welfare Association Kannur Quad Victory Celebration and Fan Show: A Grand Event with Film Star Aziz Nedumangad

2023-09-30 06:18:24 Muscat: Oman Mammootty Fans and Welfare Association Kannur Quad victory celebration and fan show organized. Mammootty in Kannur squad Aziz Nedumangad, the film star who played the full-length role in Pam, was the chief guest. . Kannur Squad Fan Show was presented at Oman Avenues Mall. More than 250 fans participated in the … Read more

Manama Onaghosham: Spectacular Performances and Memorable Celebrations at Heart Kootaima Salmaniya Awal Residence

2023-09-24 05:17:03 Manama: Onaghosham at Heart Kootaima Salmaniya Awal Residence Greeted with elaborate performances. Pookalam, maveli varavelpam and hand clapping took place. Apart from children’s dances, songs, members’ songs Art programs were also organized. Remembrance of the members honoring each other after eating a sumptuous meal shared. In contrast to the agitations of the country, … Read more

Can Shandong Taishan Dominate Manila? AFC Champions League Match Preview

2023-09-18 13:51:00 Original title: AFC Champions League | Taishan’s “Mixed Legion”, can they dominate Manila tomorrow night? Time: September 19, 20:00 Match: Kaya FC VS Shandong Taishan Team Location: Rizal Memorial Stadium, Manila, Philippines Live broadcast: Migu Video “The first game of the AFC Champions League group stage is very important. The Kaya team is … Read more

East Riffa Unit Conference: Medical Camp with IMC Hospital & Blood Test – September 22

2023-09-17 05:18:03 Manama: During the conference of East Riffa Unit in Pratibha Riffa Mekhala. Medical Camp Sangha in association with IMC Hospital, Ndhich Rifa Tipped. 180 people participated in the camp and blood test was conducted. Convenor S. Jayesh will welcome the camp at the opening ceremony. Unit President Balakrishnan presided. Pratibha General Secretary Pradeep … Read more

“Massive Drug Bust: PJF and Special Units Dismantle Dozens of Plantations and Make Arrests”

2023-04-26 17:17:18 The work of the federal judicial police, the PJF, is in line with the first priority of the Charleroi public prosecutor’s office: the fight against drug trafficking. This extraordinary deployment follows a thorough investigation, carried out discreetly for more than a year. Unlike many actions carried out over the past two years across … Read more

Watch.. a “doctor” tells the story of a patient who took diabetes medicine for 20 years.. and after she underwent a genetic examination, the surprise was

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Safouq Al-Shammari told the story of a diabetic patient, whose genetic sequencing revealed that she had been taking the wrong medication for 20 years. He said during an interview with the “Yahla” program broadcast on the Gulf Rotana channel: “When we examined the patient’s genetic sequence, it turned out that the diabetes … Read more

Conducted on those over the age of 100.. A study reveals the best diet that extends life • Al Marsad Newspaper

The Observer: Studies of humans “who live over 100 years old” have found that many of them share an unusual version of the gene known as Forehead box O3 (FOXO3) protein. There are ways in which this gene can be activated through diet, by eating certain foods, which is one of the functions fulfilled by … Read more