End of the pandemic – and all interventions? Why is there great disagreement now?

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Corona on vacation: what to do if you test positive when travelling

Dhe shock should be great when the rapid test shows a second line while on vacation or the official corona test clearly shows: positive. In view of the rapidly increasing number of cases caused by Omikron, infection with Sars-CoV-2 is possible at any time, even when travelling. What happens if you test positive while on … Read more

Diabetes increase in children: is Corona the cause? | miscellany

diabetes Corona: Does the virus cause diabetes in children? 11.02.2022, 18:25 | Reading time: 6 minutes Biontech/Pfizer files for US emergency use vaccine for under-fives Biontech/Pfizer files for US emergency use vaccine for under-fives The pharmaceutical companies Biontech and Pfizer have applied for emergency authorization for their corona vaccine in the United States for children … Read more

What remains of Corona: It will never be like before

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A muzzle causes a plane to return an hour after takeoff.. an American network reveals the details

American Airlines said that its plane from Miami to London had to return to the airport because a passenger refused to wear a mask, and added that its flight carrying 129 passengers returned to Miami, where the police were waiting for it. Reports say a woman in her forties was escorted off the plane by … Read more

Flu: New dangerous variant – experts fear | miscellany

Bless you Flu: Experts warn of dangerous virus variant Updated: 2022-01-19, 2:29 PM | Reading time: 5 minutes “Flurona”: Simultaneous infection with flu and corona “Flurona”- Simultaneous infection with flu and corona In Israel, the authorities have identified a double illness with the flu virus and the corona virus for the first time. A pregnant … Read more