Dolly Eyes vs Bags Under the Eyes: The Ultimate Guide to Eye Enhancements and Treatments

2023-09-10 09:00:00 Everyone wants to have beautiful eyes. And another trend that is currently popular is filling in the under-eye layers or dolly eyes that help make the eyes bright and cute like Japanese and Korean girls. But there are many people who want to fix the problem of bags under the eyes. So what … Read more

Natural and Invisible Cosmetic Surgery: Advances and Techniques for Wrinkle Reduction

2023-08-27 08:12:39 Cosmetic surgery is increasingly practiced to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and great progress has been made until today obtaining a natural and invisible result. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Interview: why do we age? Every day, our body and our cells age. What are the physiological processes involved in… Aesthetic … Read more

Causes and Solutions for Tonsil Stones: Expert Advice from Haidak Otorhinolaryngology Clinic

2023-07-29 08:00:00 No matter how hard you brush your teeth and gargle, there are times when bad breath doesn’t go away. If you do not have any dental or gastrointestinal disease and have bad breath despite keeping your mouth clean, you may suspect ‘tonsil stones’. Together with Haidak experts, we learned about the causes of … Read more

Get Rid of Round Shoulders and Achieve Right-Angled Shoulders with Proper Posture and Exercises

2023-07-24 05:00:00 Recently, ‘right-angled shoulders’ are popular among young people. As proof of this, it is easy to find content that introduces how to make a right angle shoulder on various platforms. However, modern people who use computers or smartphones for long periods of time tend to have ’round shoulders’ rather than right-angled shoulders. In … Read more

High Astigmatism and Myopia Correction: Lens Implantation Surgery Explained

2023-07-23 06:00:00 Head of Haidak Medical Journalist Chung Eui-sangㅣSource: Haidak Lens implantation is a method of inserting a lens into the eye without opening or cutting the cornea. Because it can safely correct even high astigmatism with a large amount of corneal ablation or ultra-high myopia, it is a surgery that is often sought by … Read more

Protecting Your Health at the Pool: Common Diseases and Prevention Strategies

2023-07-22 06:00:00 More and more people are looking for swimming pools, water parks, and water playgrounds to escape the heat. However, even if you can forget the heat while playing in the water, you must remember that various diseases lurk. Find out what are the typical diseases that can occur in swimming pools, and how … Read more