The Flying Whales helium airship lands in Gironde

Supported by the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, the company plans to assemble its first device in 2023. By Véronique Guillermard With its airship, durable, ecological and … Read more

Are the results of Renault and Nissan “lamentable”, as Carlos Ghosn puts it?

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Sad digital meeting for the Farnborough air show

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PSA and FCA at two stages of marriage

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France begins relocation work

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The group resulting from the PSA / Fiat Chrysler merger will be called Stellantis

French manufacturers PSA and Italian-American Fiat Chrysler (FCA) unveiled the name of the new car giant from their marriage on Wednesday: it will be called … Read more

London to exclude Huawei from UK 5G network

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Why New Home Buyers Have Much Less Choice

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nearly 110 billion euros already granted

Launched at the end of March to help companies cope with the health crisis, this tool has met with great success. 118.6 billion euros have … Read more