Why the German market attracts gamblers

Why the German market attracts gamblers

Trading floor of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Historically, the Dax fluctuates more than other major indices. This attracts short-term oriented professional investors. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf First 39 percent down, then 21 percent up: These price movements are reminiscent of gambler shares from the penny stock area, but come from the leading German index Dax. The … Read more

Dax remains below the 16,000-point mark – the sell-off of Biontech & Co. suggests that the pandemic will subside

Dax curve The leading German index had reached several new record highs in the last stock market year. (Foto: Bloomberg Creative/Getty Images [M]) Düsseldorf The 16,000 mark seems to be a difficult hurdle for the leading German index, even if the Dax is up at the start of the week. The stock exchange barometer was listed … Read more

The future depends on technological breakthroughs

Disruption Ten trends in technology, careers, and finance are set to change our lives fundamentally. (Photo: Thomas Kuhlenbeck) Virtual worlds, cells modified with the help of AI and high-tech against climate change: We show how new technologies and life merge. Downward wage spiral, virtual offices, hardly any hierarchies – how the changes in our working … Read more

Dax remains close to a record high – five indicators signal a rally continuation

Today’s Monday could be the third day in a row on which the Dax closes above this psychologically important level. This shows that the situation is changing for the better and willingness to buy has increased. After the last quotations above 16,000 points in August of this year, the Frankfurt benchmark always ran out of … Read more

Lanxess, Evonik, BASF: Further price increases in the chemical industry

Düsseldorf The German chemical industry continues to run smoothly. After BASF, the specialty chemicals companies Lanxess and Evonik also announced strong results for the third quarter on Thursday. However, the companies warn of growing burdens from massively expensive raw materials as well as expensive energy and logistics. The supply chains are also still stretched. The … Read more

Investors focus on Friday afternoons

Dax curve in the trading room in Frankfurt The Frankfurt benchmark has already reached a new record several times this year. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf The German stock market continues to move sideways. The Dax starts trading on Friday at 15,822 points, slightly below the level of the previous day. On Thursday, the leading index closed … Read more