“Covid Vaccine” for old people should be stimulated with mRNA. The result of treatment has been found to reduce serious illness and death.

Dr. Manoon Leechawengwong, Head of the ICU specializing in respiratory diseases, critically ill patients and the elderly of Wichaiyut Hospital or “Doctor Manu” post facebook … Read more

Czech 3 risk groups. If infected with covid-19 “Omicron” can be severely ill.

side Prof. has disclosed informationSymptoms of covid omicron infectionIn Thailand, there were 41 cases, 8 of which the most common were cough 54%, sore throat … Read more

Quick check. Sor. Sor. reveals 5 behaviors that are at risk of contracting Covid-19 for working people.

No. 1 When suspecting that you are at risk Did not get tested with a self-tested COVID-19 screening kit (ATK) or went to a hospital … Read more

Check ATK checkpoints with Drive Thru for free! for 4 risk groups

by both 4 risk groupswishing to receiveATK test with hospitals under the Bangkok Medical Office canrisk assessmentby yourself through the BKKCOVID19 system andRegister to reserve … Read more