“Infected with COVID” found 6 new abnormal symptoms with significant significance

epidemic situationCOVID At present, there are countless strains developed until the latest outbreak of COVID in Thailand, more than 70% of which are Omicron subspecies BA.2.75. COVID symptom also changed which the latest research Found abnormal symptoms occurring afterCOVID-infected significantly Assoc.Prof.Dr.Theera Worathanarat or “Doctor Theera” Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University provides information that a research … Read more

Addicted to COVID, how to treat it? Open guidelines for treating COVID patients with obstructive pulmonary disease-heart disease-diabetes.

Addicted to COVID, what to do? steps to cure covid Covid quarantine for 5 days at least Ready to adjust the treatment guidelines for 3 groups of patients with obstructive pulmonary disease – heart disease – diabetes. Easier access to antidote Immunomodulatory additives (LAAB) as a treatment option If you are addicted to COVID, how … Read more

Check 8 “Covid symptoms” that have changed from before. Sore throat. Easy to get infected. Spread quickly.

from the epidemic situationCovid-19 That tends to reduce the number of infections and deaths, causing the Ministry of Public Health have adjusted the covid measures is a contagious disease From 1 Oct. onwards along with adjusting measures to isolate patients with mild symptoms Covid-19 infected people asymptomatic To strictly follow the DMHT for 5 days, … Read more

“Long Covid”, Dr. Thira reveals the results of the study of people with blood type O who have a very high problem of Long COVID.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Teera Woratanarat or “Doctor Thira” Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Facebook post Thira Woratanarat to the situation “COVID” and the occurrence of “Try Covid” Or remaining symptoms after being infected with coronavirus, stating that yesterday, 503,050 more people were infected worldwide, 1,053 more deaths, a total of 605,292,816 people infected with 6,486,500 deaths. The … Read more

Compare “COVID” with the Spanish flu. the same epidemic But covid is heavier because?

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Teera Woratanarat Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University or “Doctor Thira” facebook post Thira Woratanarat to the situation of covid in Thailand, including the strength of spanish flu and “COVID” Even though the epidemic is the same The current medical evolution is much better. But the rate of infection among people around the world is … Read more

“addicted to covid” symptoms more – less The drug is not the same Open the new covid treatment criteria. Check it out.

Open new Covid treatment criteria, Department of Medicine adjusts drug dispensing to suit each level of illness divided into asymptomatic patients, mild symptomatic patients, and mildly symptomatic patients But there is a risk of co-morbidities. and seriously ill updatenew covid treatment criteria from the “Medical Department” to fit the epidemic situation of “Covid-19” The latest … Read more