when it plays, schedule, channel and where to watch

Game of Sporting Cristal vs. Cantolao They play on Saturday at Alberto Gallardo from 4:00 p.m. with the transmission of Liga 1 MAX from DIRECTV. Cristal vs Cantolao: schedules, TV channels and where to watch the game live | I RELEASE 11:13 Possible alignment of Cantolao against Sporting Cristal This is the probale eleven that … Read more

The amazing behavior of soft crystals!

While we imagine that a crystal is always hard and undeformable, a new study shows that certain minerals, in particular hydrated salts, can become soft on the surface while maintaining their crystalline structure in depth. This behavior takes place when the crystal begins to dissolve. A crystal is a solid whose atomic structure is ordered … Read more

Sporting Cristal and the millionaire figure it received after qualifying for Phase 3 of the Copa Libertadores | Prize | Payments

YOU CAN SEE: Sporting Cristal crushed Nacional 5-1 and qualified for the next stage of the Libertadores An important aspect regarding Sporting Cristal’s qualification for Phase 3 of the Copa Libertadores is that there will be a large sum of money that will enter the club from Conmebol. According to what was stated by the … Read more

Find out how much Pepa Baldessari will earn and what position she would have after Ciro Castillo’s offer | ANSWERS

Horace Baldessari popularly known as ‘La Pepa Baldessari’ He is going through a difficult time in his life. The former athlete is dealing with a severe economic crisis that has forced him to live in a hotel at the age of 64 without any type of savings to sustain him day by day. A few … Read more

In HD, Sporting Cristal vs. Melgar LIVE and DIRECT via GOLPERU and Movistar Play for the semifinal of Liga 1 2022: transmission, minute by minute and match formations | LIVE STREAM | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

Losing it would be a sin! Sporting Cristal vs. Melgar They face each other (LIVE | LIVE | ONLINE | TV) in the framework of the semifinal first leg of the Play Offs of League 1 2022, in a reserved forecast commitment that both teams will seek to win to get closer to the dream … Read more

League 1 2022 | Alianza Lima, Universitario, Cristal, Melgar and the possibilities of the leading clubs to win the Closing Tournament | Cesar Vallejo | Atletico Grau | RMMD DTCC | SPORT-TOTAL

The Closing Tournament Liga 1 2022 It’s pretty close to completion. And in the absence of only four dates for it to reach its end, up to six clubs are still fighting to be crowned. Nothing is said yet. For this reason, in this note we shuffle the possibilities of the favorites to conquer the … Read more