Love to Heal: Raising Awareness and Funds for Cancer Patients in Cúcuta

2023-08-21 12:18:43 To raise awareness and funds for this noble cause, Juan Manuel and Carolina organized the ‘Love to heal’ event. The conference-discussion, which took place on Thursday, included the participation of the doctor Santiago Rojas, an expert in palliative care, and Jaime Jaramillo, a world-renowned spiritual leader and social manager. Also: Stories in 1 … Read more

Recent Murder in Cucuta: Shocking Crime Caught on Camera

2023-06-29 02:26:15 The streak of murders does not stop in cucuta. Around 6:10 pm, today, June 28, in the Playa Hermosa sector, very close to Del Río avenue, they killed Alejandra Paredes Perez26 years old. As recorded in various cameras security, a hitman waited for the young woman to come out of a supermarketwhere he … Read more

Stream the Exciting Home Run Match Between Valledupar Payroll and Cucuta Sports on Win Sports+

2023-06-07 03:08:07 Match valid for the date 5 of the home runs of the BetPlay Tournament. Stream Win Sports+. Valledupar payroll vs. Cucuta Sports Valledupar Weimar Asprila; Gianfranco Orozco, David Álvarez, Juan Viveros, Joan Cajares, Iván Camacho, Brayan Sánchez, Sebastián Gutiérrez, Dairon Valencia, Jhon Gutiérrez, Miseal Martínez. Cucuta Sports Wilder Mosquera, José Ampudia, Cristian Díaz, … Read more

Journalist from Noticias Caracol, “surprised” with Venezuelan authorities

The reporter shared on her social networks the experience she lived through crossing the binational pass and visiting San Cristóbal, Táchira, where she not only greeted relatives she had in that city, but also made some comparisons. (See also: A journalist from Noticias Caracol was caught with his mouth full in the middle of the … Read more

Grandfather confused his medicine with poison in Bucarasica

For 4 family days of Alvaro Vargas Rodriguez, 84 years oldbetween prayers and prayers, they hoped that he would recover satisfactorily in a health center, after he mistakenly ingested a poison used to exterminate pests such as insects and tickshowever yesterday passed away. Get to know: He fell for robbery, but turned out to be … Read more

Vote freely and in democracy

Article 1 of the Constitution declares that Colombia is a democratic and participatory state. This means that the holder of sovereignty is the people, and that, therefore, the citizens – holders of political rights – depend on transcendental decisions about what is most in the interest of society. It is the citizenry, through suffrage and … Read more