Czech! Allergy difference & covid infection preliminary self-examination

Therefore, many people who areallergy or is not should know the difference between allergy andCOVID-19 What’s the difference between allergy symptoms and COVID? Assoc. Prof. Dr. Supinda Chusakul, Naturopathic Medicine and Allergy Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society said that the patientnasal allergy The most prominent symptoms are itchy nose, sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, … Read more

“addicted to covid” symptoms more – less The drug is not the same Open the new covid treatment criteria. Check it out.

Open new Covid treatment criteria, Department of Medicine adjusts drug dispensing to suit each level of illness divided into asymptomatic patients, mild symptomatic patients, and mildly symptomatic patients But there is a risk of co-morbidities. and seriously ill updatenew covid treatment criteria from the “Medical Department” to fit the epidemic situation of “Covid-19” The latest … Read more

The number of covids is rising! Open the requirement to “remove masks” voluntarily. What cases can I do?

In the past, although the Thai authorities allowed “take off maskin public areas However, this is only allowed in certain cases. because the epidemic still needs to be controlled and prevented.”Covid-19“Especially during this periodnumber of people infected with covidIn Thailand, it has risen to a high, surpassing more than 2,000 consecutive cases almost every day. … Read more

Czech! “Preliminary symptoms of covid omicron” if there is a sore throat, phlegm, how to treat?

infected with covid, what to do? Omicron or Omicron strain It’s a fast-spreading strain of coronavirus. but had mild symptoms, with those whoCheck ATK up 2 lines. There will be a cough, sore throat and some people will have a lot of phlegm, whichsymptoms of covid omicron will have few symptoms and flu-like Today we … Read more

“Covid-19” drug treatment criteria for patients At what level to give favipiravir?

issue”Covid-19” medical department Dr. Somsak Ankasil, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, revealed that the drug treatment criteria for COVID-19 patients are in accordance with the guidelines for medical practice, diagnosis, care and prevention of infection in hospitals. Case of Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 for Doctors and Public Health Personnel, Revised Edition, May … Read more

Check for symptoms of covid “Omicron”. If you have these 3 symptoms, hurry up to check ATK. You may be at risk of infection!

back from Songkran 2022 hurry checkCOVID symptom urgent! If there are any of these 3 symptoms, there is a risk.infected with Omicron or Omikron strainsYes, who is nearby or doing group activities and feeling weak, runny nose, sweating, hurryATK check Omicron strain of covid There is a rapid outbreak and found outbreaks in many countries … Read more