Paolo Guerrero’s Revealing Statements: Alianza Lima, Injury Recovery, and the 2018 World Cup

2023-09-09 05:21:47 HE NEARLY CAME TO VICTORY! Paolo Guerrero has regained his level in recent months and has shown it in LDU de Quito, his current team, with which he plays in the Copa Sudamericana. On this occasion, the Peruvian player has caused astonishment on social networks after giving a surprising statement in the “Fe … Read more

Former Beauty Queen Rosa Elvira Cartagena Returns to Peru: Her Achievements and Relationship with Cuto Guadalupe

2023-09-01 04:59:55 Rosa Elvira Cartagena, the former beauty queen known for having claimed that her crown was stolen in 1999, returned to Peru, specifically to her neighborhood of Mirones Alto, and remembered everything she could do for the place. “Thank God everything was accomplished, having water, drainage, tracks, medical posts, schools,” he said in an … Read more

“Why Pedro Suárez Vértiz’s Apology to Luis ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe Went Viral: The Story Behind It”

2023-05-28 15:26:49 The singer Pedro Suárez Vértiz, as usual, used his social networks to apologize to the former soccer player Luis ‘Cuto’ Guadalupeto whom he gave advice after it came to light that he was the victim of infidelity. MIRA: Do you forget the ampay? ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe causes a stir when he is caught dancing … Read more

“Melcochita Reveals the Pain of Betrayal: Exclusive Interview”

2023-05-22 16:52:48 Pablo Villanueva, “Melcochita”, said that they have been unfaithful to him in the past and he has never forgiven or would forgive a deception. ‘Melcochita’, what did you think about what happened with ‘Cuto’? We’re not friends, but if Magaly hadn’t brought that up (ampay of ‘Cuto’s’ wife), I would still be blindfolded. … Read more

“Gisela Valcárcel speaks out on infidelity and support for Cuto Guadalupe amidst controversy with Charlene Castro”

2023-05-16 19:32:50 The driver Gisela Valcárcel She was no stranger to infidelity to her friend, the popular “Cuto” Guadalupewho has repeatedly expressed his admiration and affection for the so-called “Queen of television.” In her Twitter account, the “Señito” vented her anger against Charlene Castroex-soccer player’s wife, who was captured in a compromising situation with a … Read more

Reimond Manco on Shirley Arica and her famous phrase ‘Touch me, I’m real’: “Nobody knew her… I never heard a thank you” | The Faith of Cuto | show business | SHOWS

Reimond Manco confessed to ‘La Fe de Cuto’ in a program that promises to get sparks. In advance of the Trome sequence, the footballer talked about his past relationship with Shirley Aricathe same one that launched her to fame and earned her a place in the Chollywood show business with her famous phrase ‘Touch me … Read more