End of the pandemic – and all interventions? Why is there great disagreement now?

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Berlin election: Green candidate Jarasch blames SPD for dysfunctional Berlin

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Ukraine-News ++ Russia demands the release of the zoo murderer for prisoner exchange ++

RIn negotiations on the release of two Americans imprisoned in Moscow, usa is said to have demanded the transfer of the convicted Russian in the so-called Tiergarten murder case. The US broadcaster CNN reported on Friday, citing sources familiar with the talks. Russia submitted this request to the United States earlier this month via informal … Read more

Ukraine news in the live ticker: EU and US President Biden want to discuss the Russian oil embargo

Dhe governments of the European Union will discuss an oil embargo against Russia with US President Joe Biden this week. “We are working on a fifth round of sanctions and some new proposals are being made,” a senior EU diplomat said on condition of anonymity. EU governments will start their talks among foreign ministers today … Read more

Journalists: Dispute over column – Harald Martenstein leaves the “Tagesspiegel”

media journalists Dispute over column – Harald Martenstein leaves the “Tagesspiegel” Stand: 20.02.2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes The author Harald Martenstein says he is wrong where one believes one is in possession of the sole truth Quelle: pa/Frank May Author Harald Martenstein and the “Tagesspiegel” go their separate ways. There had previously been a … Read more

Documenta & Antisemitism: How to draw the red line clearly

opinion Documenta & anti-Semitism How to clearly mark the red line Stand: 22.01.2022 | Reading time: 4 minutes Art activism has always been part of the Documenta, my Hans-Joachim Müller Source: picture alliance/dpa; Kurt Wyss, Basel The Documenta doesn’t make the headlines. The Indonesian collective Ruangrupa has now promised to take the allegations of anti-Semitism … Read more