Kannur District Council Merger: State Council Unites with LJD-RJD Gathirumanam Sanpoorna — Top News in Kerala

2023-09-24 19:18:00 Kannur: State council to merge with LJD-RJD Gathirumanam Sanpoorna approved the meeting in the District Council of Kannur. The event held at the Chamber Hall was attended by State General Secretary M.K. Bhaskar inaugurated. District President K.P. Mohan presided. RJD working at national level to wipe out fascist forces Merger with UMA will … Read more

Maximizing Solar Panel Efficiency and Cost Savings in Punnayurkulam: Three Family Health Centers near the Panchayat

2023-09-24 19:58:00 Punnayurkulam: Three family health centers near the panchayat The solar panels installed before summer have not yet started functioning. Due to this, the health center loses one lakh per year. The solar panel installed here has been linked to KSEB so far. No action has been taken to find out. The electricity bill … Read more

Understanding Puberty and Precocious Puberty in Boys: Insights from Park Seung-chan, CEO of Haiki Oriental Medical Clinic

2023-09-22 15:03:56 [박승찬 하이키한의원 대표원장] Puberty is a natural phenomenon that occurs as children become adults. Additionally, children’s pubertal development is a topic that parents, medical staff, and our society must always pay attention to. In particular, precocious puberty among boys, which has recently been on the rise, has become an important concern. Let’s take … Read more

Njeezur: Advancing Social Entrepreneurship through Oruma Charitable and Agricultural Society’s National NGO Confederation Program

2023-09-17 21:22:00 Njeezur: Under the leadership of Oruma Charitable and Agricultural Society National NGO Confederation’s Social Entrepreneurship Program in 16 laptops and Vietnam Super Early Bud Plavin seedlings as part of the project. Passed. Jilla Panchayatgam Jos New Laptops and Neezhur Panchayat Pra Sr. Sreekala Dilip Plavin also inaugurated the distribution of Thaikal. . Jawaharlal … Read more

Top Strategies for Managing Stress and Building Resilience: Insights from Dr. Mi-seon Kim

2023-09-17 21:26:32 [김미선 상담학 박사] It is no exaggeration to say that modern people living in a rapidly changing information society with diverse relationships are exposed to stress at every moment. However, while there are people who overcome stress relatively well in the same event or situation, there are also cases where repeated stress cannot … Read more

Kuru Disease: A Deadly Legacy and Its Decline – Learn More Here

2023-09-17 19:16:25 First discovered in the 1950s, Kuru disease killed many members of tribes in Papua New Guinea. Unfortunately there are many around the world Diseases, which affect millions of people every day. While the mortality rate for most of the deadliest diseases has decreased over the years thanks to advances in medicine and public … Read more