‘Missed no hitter’ Ohtani achieves 15 wins in the season… Unbeaten hit until 2 outs in 8 innings

Shohei Ohtani missed the no-hitter with 4 out counts. However, he blocked eight innings without conceding and took his 15th win of the season. Ohtani started today (30th) at the Angel Stadium in the 2022 American professional baseball home game against MLB Oakland, conceding only 2 hits in 8 innings and working hard without a … Read more

Clarification from the Food and Drug Administration about the dangers of sodium in bottled water

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Food and Drug Authority confirmed that the sodium in bottled water is present in very few percentages, and does not pose a threat to the health of consumers who do not suffer from health problems. This came in response to a citizen’s question, “Does bottled drinking water cause blood pressure diseases and … Read more

That year, those stories no one told – Shu Man (@east7154)

Going out without a mask that tightly covers the nose and mouth now feels very dangerous and uneasy. In a crowded space, without keeping a distance from people, The danger alarm bell rang, and who knew if the virus was lurking nearby. That can clearly see everyone’s facial features, if you walk around wearing a … Read more

Stay away from this habit immediately .. “Researchers” reveal the danger of taking a nap after delaying the alarm clock

Al-Marsad newspaper: Researchers said that a light nap after waking up from the sound of the alarm clock and setting it to ring after a few minutes may be harmful to health. Researchers from the University of Notre Dame in the US found that people who set a series of alarms to wake them up … Read more

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world… What are the most dangerous harmful substances for the disease?

of the. Nader Hussain Cancer arises due to changes and mutations in the DNA of the human cell, some of which lead to malfunctions in the functions of a number of genes (especially those that suppress the growth of tumors) responsible, for example, for the growth and division of the cell, which leads to the … Read more