Stories of soccer players: Percy Rojas and the day he hit crack and a colleague from Independiente de Argentina mister chipi imp | SPORTS

In Argentina there is still talk of the quarrel between Carlos Zambrano y Darío Benedetto. The incident went around the world, because two companions were the protagonists at halftime of a match in the Argentine tournament. Inside of Boca Juniors it is said that in the second round, the ‘León‘ won by KO, although this … Read more

Boca Juniors Darío Benedetto’s drastic decision weeks after the fight with Carlos Zambrano means leaving the club video

Everything indicates that the situation of Darío Benedetto in Boca Juniors It is unsustainable, since after the fight he starred in with Carlos Zambrano, it has been known that “Pipa” would be evaluating leaving the club at the end of the season, because it has been mentioned that he is not comfortable with his teammates … Read more

Carlos Zambrano gets revenge with Darío Benedetto VIDEO had second round fight in Boca Juniors reveals Óscar Ruggeri Argentina | SPORTS

Pull the tail to the ‘León‘ It is not a good idea. That seems to be a painful lesson that the Argentine has just learned Darío Benedetto who collected the bill for having ‘up early’ to Carlos Zambranowho has not waited for the end of the championship to give his return to the controversial Argentine … Read more

Carlos Zambrano “revenged” Darío Benedetto in Boca Juniors, reveals ESPN from Argentina | VIDEO RMMD DTBN | SPORT-TOTAL

Carlos Zambrano y Darío Benedetto served the sanction they received from Boca Juniors after both had a fight at halftime in the match against Racing Club for the 2022 Professional League. However, in Argentina they continue to talk about both players and provide new details of their relationship on campus. According to Óscar Ruggeri and … Read more

“That Peruvian is brave” Argentine Professional League 2022

Everything indicates that the incident that Carlos Zambrano had with Darío Benedetto would not have been theresince it has now been revealed that the Peruvian defender would have taken his own actions against the Argentine striker. YOU CAN SEE: Liberman questioned Boca about Zambrano’s sanction: “He received a punch and on top of that they … Read more

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my people from ‘La Fe de Cuto’keep enjoying the second edition of the interview with Alex Magallanes, the truth that those two editions are unmissable. That ‘Negro Loco’, that’s how we affectionately call him, is a character who has a spectacular spark and a lot of leash. Now I am going to talk about the … Read more