Draghi demands from Libya “full respect for the rights” of migrants

Italy is the European country that has the greatest interest in the successful transition to democracy and stability in which Libya finds itself, shaken by a decade of chaos and civil war after the fall of the dictator Muammar Gaddafi. In a new gesture of support, the head of the Italian Executive, Mario Draghi, received … Read more

Lawyer sues the Legislative Assembly for the appointment of magistrate Elsy Dueñas

This lawsuit has defects of absolute nullity, especially because she was already a magistrate and her term ends on June 30 and by extending her term she is out of the law, says the plaintiff attorney. The appointment of Elsy Dueñas Lovos as a member of the Constitutional Chamber “is flawed of absolute nullity, since … Read more

Brazil, outraged by the 400,000 deaths from Covid-19, demands answers from Bolsonaro

The psychological bars exist. After learning for weeks to digest with difficulty the images of large open graves even in the open fields and of night burials when the day is no longer over, Brazilians woke up yesterday especially shocked after learning that the country has already exceeded the threshold of the 400,000 deceased. Exactly, … Read more

The European Parliament demands the release of Russian opponent Alexéi Navalni

Russian President Vladimir Putin EP The European Parliament demanded this Thursday the “immediate and unconditional” release of the Russian opponent Alexéi Navalni and asked the European Union for a “new approach” in its relationship with Russia, through a resolution approved on Thursday. The text – presented by the European People’s Party, the Social Democrats, the … Read more

Navalni files three lawsuits against the prison in which he is

Russian opponent Alexei Navalni, along with his wife. EP Defense of Alexei Navalny has presented this monday three lawsuits against the IK-2 prison, in the Vladimir region, where the Russian opponent has been held for four months, as well as against the officials who are in charge of his surveillance. The complaints have been filed … Read more