Demarcation of maritime borders… a document confirming ‘recognition of Israel’

A document on the official website of the United Nations is being circulated on social media about the exchange of messages between Lebanon and Israel following the maritime agreement to demarcate the maritime borders. Tweeters launched a campaign against the team of former President Michel Aoun and “Hezbollah”, given that the document proves that the … Read more

The Hebrew media reveals the details of the border demarcation agreement with Lebanon

The Hebrew media reported that Washington’s final proposal to the representatives of Lebanon and “Israel” regarding the demarcation of the maritime borders is a compromise over the years-long maritime dispute between Beirut and Tel Aviv. The Hebrew channel I24 stated that “Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid is expected to address the issue in detail at … Read more

Haaretz: A new American offer to demarcate the border with Lebanon, amid Israeli optimism

Haaretz newspaper revealed today, Monday, that the US envoy in charge of the maritime border file between the Israeli entity and Lebanon, Amos Hochstein, presented a new offer to solve the border demarcation crisis, regarding the specific path along which the border will pass. According to the newspaper, Israel, with its security and political levels, … Read more

Bou Habib from the headquarters of the Maronite League: Demarcation negotiations are continuing, waiting for Lebanon to reach the Israeli position on the American mediator

The President of the Maronite League, Ambassador Khalil Karam, received at the headquarters of the Association, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Abdullah Bou Habib, in the presence of the former president of the Association, former MP Neamatallah Abi Nasr and members of the Executive Council. At the outset, Karam welcomed Minister Bou Habib, and … Read more

Nasrallah on the demarcation: America must pay attention to the game of time, the position of the state and the resistance are one, and matters have not yet been resolved

Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Nasrallah indicated during his speech at the Ashura Council that Hezbollah is setting up in the southern suburbs of Beirut that the economic siege is a war and patience in it is jihad. He continued, “The July war was the most difficult war that we experienced in the shadow of international betrayal … Read more