Car gets stuck in snow as heavy hail hits west of Tabuk: Al Marsad Newspaper reports.

Al-Marsad Newspaper reported a video clip that showed heavy hail in Tabuk, causing a car to get stuck. In the video, one person commented on the thickness of the hailstorm, which occurred on the third day of Ramadan. Another video showed the mountains covered in snow and a person walking on a completely white road. … Read more

Are black grapes good for diabetics? How much to eat-Are black grapes good for diabetics

People with diabetes should always choose foods that are safe for their blood sugar levels and have a low glycemic index. Fruits are one of the foods that people with diabetes should always eat with caution. The natural sugars in these can dramatically increase glucose levels. So people with diabetes should always be careful to … Read more

Watch.. A strong torrent of snow in the streets of Baljurashi after heavy hail • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip circulated on social media documented hailstones falling in the streets of Baljurashi in the Al-Baha region today, Friday. The video showed cars driving on one of the public streets in Baljurashi, amid the accumulation of snow grains on the roads and their continued falling, leaving the area in a wonderful … Read more

12 halala, the tariff for heavy consumption of electricity by establishments, starting from next week..and these excluded categories

The observatory’s formula: The competent authorities will start dividing the electricity consumption tariff for establishments into two categories, starting from next week, and it will be applied to existing establishments for a period of 7 years, starting from next year 2023, and to new establishments until the end of 2030. The high consumption of energy … Read more