Pedophile from Liège Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison for Raping Two Little Girls

2023-11-29 16:07:15 A pedophile from Liège rapes two little girls and describes one of his victims as being “hot as a fry house”: he is sentenced to 7 years in prison Sudinfo.bePedophile rapes two little girls and describes one of his victims as “hot as a fry house”: he is sentenced to 7 years in … Read more

How did the first Saudi opera artist respond to those who described her singing as shouting?

2023-09-25 21:02:33 Many social media users describe singing “opera” as “screaming,” knowing that the former refers to a part of classical Western music and the latter means emitting continuous, intense screams. Despite the big difference between the two words, “screaming” has become a ready-made description among many users of social media platforms for what opera … Read more

Tips for Safe Winter Driving: Be Prepared, Stay Alert, Anticipate Risks

2023-09-05 09:42:00 Their weekend had started well, it turned into a nightmare. Last Friday, Herman Tanghe, a 62-year-old Belgian, started his new job as a teacher after being independent all his life. of videos This Saturday morning, the native of Diksmuide, in West Flanders, took to the road by bike for the last time. He … Read more

“Sports Judiciary in Saudi Arabia: The Controversy around Al-Nasr Club and Al-Hilal Player Muhammad Kno”

2023-05-28 11:09:16 Sports Observatory: The sports journalist, “Muhammad Al-Dawish,” described the Saudi sports judiciary as “alien” – according to him -, referring to the case of Al-Nasr Club and Al-Hilal player Muhammad Kno. “Al-Dawish” said in a tweet on his Twitter account: “Decisions of the Saudi sports judiciary are still issued in space before they … Read more

“Uncovering Illegal Pharmacies: The Danger of Impersonators in Lebanon’s Health Sector”

2023-05-11 15:47:00 bitter Unnoticed news An investigation was opened by the Pharmacists Syndicate after the death of a patient as a result of the wrong medication being administered by Amer Al-Riz Alam El-Din, who was impersonating a pharmacist in the Minieh region. This incident, which opens the door wide to the abuses and violations recorded … Read more

US FedEx driver arrested after lifeless body of 7-year-old Athena was found, ‘I can’t describe the pain and anger that’s inside me’

This Friday, the lifeless body of Athena Strand, a 7-year-old American girl, was found in Wise County, North Texas. The girl had been missing since Wednesday. Since then, a whole country was in fear that something serious had happened to him. And the fears were confirmed. Quickly, the authorities understood that the girl had been … Read more