Launching the initiative to replace the old air conditioners “the window” with new ones at a discount of 1000 riyals

Al-Marsad newspaper – SPA: The “Replacing Window Air Conditioners” initiative, which was prepared and implemented by the Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency “Kafaa”, in cooperation with the relevant government agencies, was launched today, as part of the initiatives of the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program “Ndaleb” in a move aimed at stimulating Citizens to … Read more

Leaks about the launch of the Redmi Pad tablets next October

Leaks appeared, about Xiaomi’s willingness to hold its next conference in October to announce its new release of Redmi tablets, as it spotted the WiFi model of the Redmi Pad before the upcoming announcement, and Xiaomi recently presented the Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4 tablet in the Chinese market, and Redmi has played Pad some … Read more

Google announces new software that will allow communication across multiple devices!

Google has announced that it has developed new software that will allow communication across multiple devices. Google said in a blog post that it has released the SDK tool, which helps developers make their apps work across a variety of Android smart devices, including non-Android phones, tablets, TVs, and cars. The SDK is supposed to … Read more

5 important devices for the student’s school day.. Specifications and standards

The school season started a few days ago, and today education transcends paper and pen, as students use several devices to search, study and watch, which last for months, prompting parents to provide several necessary electronic devices. “Al-Youm” lists for its readers the most important characteristics of electronic devices, which students must have during their … Read more

Egypt news | How does iOS 16 change the way you interact on iPhones?

Comments Notes before commenting: Comments on the site reflect the opinions of its authors and do not reflect the opinions of the site.Any expression that offends the divine or any religion, sect or nationality is prohibited.All comments must be in Arabic.Commenting with offensive words is prohibited.Please do not engage in any political discussions.Comments containing ads … Read more

Another Motorola phone that competes with Samsung devices

Country: Motorola has revealed the specifications of another phone that it will offer to compete with Samsung’s modern mid-range phones. The new Moto E32s phone will come with a moisture and dust-resistant structure, dimensions (164/75/8.5) mm, weighing 185 g, and it will get a 6.5-inch IPS LCD screen, display resolution (1600/720) pixels, frequency of 90 … Read more