Who is waiting, don’t miss out. “Sony PlayStation 5” opens for reservations on October 18 at 11:00 AM.

PlayStation 5 After many people have been waiting for a long time, the latest way Sony Store Thailand has announced that the booking will be opened again on October 18 at 11:00 a.m. It is expected that there will be a landslide of orders until the product is not enough. The details and prices of … Read more

Ranking the top 10 smartphones with the best mobile camera models “iPhone is not the number 1”

Which model is the top 10 smartphones? best camera No. 1 Honor Magic4 Ultimate (42,000 baht) 2nd place iPhone 14 Pro (41,900 baht) 3rd place Huawei P50 Pro (33,900 baht) 4th place iPhone 13 Pro (35,900 baht) 5th place iPhone 13 Pro Max (39,900 baht) 6th place Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultimate (33,900 baht) 7th place … Read more

Microsoft has released a new Outlook application for Windows.

Microsoft is launching Outlook The new, Windows-based version is available to everyone using Office this week. application Outlook For Windows, the new desktop email client is more similar to the web version. Microsoft has been working on this new design for months. and originally launched a semi-public beta earlier this year. Margie Clinton, Group Product … Read more

Interstellar x NASA watch RED3.721 with Martian dust inside.

In addition, this watch also put the numbers 1-7 around the Martian dust to be a small gimmick. It reflects the number “7 Minutes of Terror”, which is the time when Persivia Rence made its way through the atmosphere of Mars and landed on the ground. price of watches RED3.721 performance Interstellar x NASA Putting … Read more

Last day to buy Vampire Survivors for 63 baht.

If you are a gamer You may have heard of games like Vampire Survivors Let’s come together. This game is preparing to increase the price soon. Vampire Survivors Developed by the Poncle team and launched on Steam since Dec. 2021 in the form of Early Access with a cute price of only 63 baht, but … Read more

I want an iPhone 14 Pro (128 GB). How many days do Thai people have to work to get it?

But if you look at the total information switzerland Work the least days, only 4.6 days, will get a new iPhone while american Must work 5.7 days. Australian Working 6.1 days will get the same wage as the value of the iPhone. Among the countries where pidigo leads this ranking it seems turkish must be … Read more