“Miss” Wu Zhaoxian bursts into a package of 50,000 yuan to fall in love with nightclubs and make love to cowboys, she herself returns like this | Entertainment | CTWANT

Wu Zhaoxian, a mixed-race actress who was born as a child star, was exposed to the news that her family cut off her financial aid and sold her body to make money. She also responded to this. (Photo/Reposted from Wu Zhaoxian’s Facebook page) The actress Wu Zhaoxian, who debuted in the child star group “Miss”, … Read more

Wu Yinong was smeared when he was recruited. PTT suspected that he was so eager to ridicule the Internet | Politics | Newtalk News

Although Wu Yinong, the chairman of “Magnificent Taiwan”, has stepped down from the party, his popularity remains high. In this local election, he has worked hard to support the election from the south to the north.Picture: Taken from Magnificent Taiwan Wu Yinong’s Facebook/New Head Shell post-production In the by-election of the Taipei City Legislative Committee, … Read more