The announcement of the divorce agreement triggered a tort lawsuit. Zhang Jizhong was sentenced to apologize to his ex-wife and compensate him – People’s Livelihood – China Industry Network

2023-12-02 00:09:00 Original title: Zhang Jizhong was sentenced to apologize to his ex-wife and compensate for infringement after announcing the divorce agreement. Yangtze Evening News (Reporter Zhang Nan) On November 30, the Beijing Internet Court made a first-instance judgment in the case of former famous CCTV director Fan Xinman suing famous director Zhang Jizhong for … Read more

The Secret Life of Cornel West: Newly Uncovered Divorce Filings and Financial Issues Explained

2023-12-01 11:30:00 Newly uncovered divorce filings reveal allegations of a “secret life” and help explain why the presidential candidate, who has earned millions of dollars over the years, has hardly anything left. By Jemima Denham, Contributor, and Zach Everson, Forbes Staff Cornel West has been a fixture of American society for more than three decades, … Read more

Kuwait City Court’s Unusual Divorce Case Decision: PlayStation Addiction Not Grounds for Divorce

2023-12-01 05:35:30 Kuwait City: The court rejected the wife’s request in a divorce case with unusual reasons. The wife’s plea alleged that her husband’s excessive addiction to PlayStation games was disrupting the marital union. The court in Kuwait considered this application invalid and demanded further explanation from the wife. The husband’s lawyer was adamant that … Read more

The Impact of Inheritance on Divorce: Legal Implications and Rights

2023-12-01 00:25:10 Not long after the death of his father-in-law and mother-in-law, the newlyweds filed for divorce and requested a division of the property inherited by his wife. (Image/Pixabay) A mainland woman surnamed Kang recently inherited a huge inheritance of about 200 million yuan (approximately NT$880 million) from her parents. Unexpectedly, her husband, surnamed Wang, … Read more

The Drama of Yuzuru Hanyu’s Marriage: A Mother’s Objections and Family Strife

2023-11-28 03:38:22 Yuzuru Hanyu resists his mother’s marriage!The entertainment industry revealed that the mother-in-law had an “accident”, and the wife became angry and became the trigger for divorce. Entertainment newsYuzuru Hanyu “defies his mother” and gets married!The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has reached a freezing point… Something happened to the mother-in-law, and the wife … Read more

The Real Reason Behind Yuzuru Hanyu’s Divorce Revealed – The Truth about His Marriage and Family

2023-11-22 23:56:53 The reason for Yuzuru Hanyu’s divorce was pointed out that he was too much of a mommy and the woman couldn’t bear it. (Photo/AP) Japanese figure skating prince Yuzuru Hanyu got married in August, but unexpectedly announced his divorce without warning on November 17. The marriage lasted only 105 days. He just pointed … Read more