EXAMPLE OF OVERCOMING – Orlando Calixte does not deny an origin that follows him like his shadow

The distractions and inconveniences that Orlando Calixte has had to overcome due to his Haitian origin have haunted him since before he signed for professionalism in 2010 with the Kansas City Royals. He has been the focus of attention since on the ninth of this month — during a match between the Águilas Cibaeñas and … Read more

A 2021 meteorite contains all the ingredients for life

Extraterrestrial water and the basic components of DNA has been found among the contents of a rare meteorite that landed in the UK last year after a journey of nearly 300,000 years. The meteorito Winchcombe it was the first of its kind to be recovered in the UK when it struck the Gloucestershire town of … Read more

Will robots replace people at Amazon?

In its robotics laboratory in Westborough, on the outskirts of Boston (northeast), the electronic commerce giant Amazon manufactures the robots and develops the processes to automate its distribution centers and reduce order delivery times, a goal for which it commitment to technology and that raises questions about the future of human work in collection centers. … Read more

The three powerful urbanites who are subjected to media pressure

El Alfa, Mozart la Para and Ozuna triggered the media alarm of the show business when it was spread that, separately, they canceled or postponed tours and specific presentations for the rest of the year. As with every relevant event, different comments were made on social networks by Internet users who are beginning to draw … Read more

Netflix will eliminate shared accounts and start charging an extra in 2023

Netflix has made it clear that only people who live in the same household can use an open account on its service, and that if it detects that this requirement is not met, the next year will start. to charge the user an additional amount. The technology company dedicated to account sharing a section on … Read more

HAITI – The heavy fire machinery is ready to act in Haiti

With four of 18 high-powered fireteams almost ready to roll over the dangerous streets of the capital, Port-au-Prince, the Haitian National Police high command has vowed to restore security to that country. He promises to achieve this in the face of gangs that not only sow fear, destruction and death over the population, but also … Read more