A dispute over 500,000 pounds causes a couple to divorce. Know the details

“He squandered my money after he borrowed it from my family, left me in a legal dispute with my brother, and refused to intervene to save me, after I was sued for a prison sentence because of my failure to return the sum of money estimated at 520,000 pounds.” Words came from one of the … Read more

Ex-partner from Cosculluela files complaint for violation of protection order

The ex-partner of the urban music singer, José Fernando Cosculluela Suárez, accused of gender violence, filed a complaint on Tuesday for violation of a protection order related to expressions published on his social networks by which he felt alluded to. According to the document, on January 17 at 3:00 p.m., the complainant alleged that she … Read more

Britney Spears accused her of “causing her private parts to become inflamed”, Mr. Song couldn’t bear it and revealed the truth-Entertainment-China Times News

Actress Xiao Tiantian (Zhang Keyun) recently accused her 25-year-old husband, Mr. Song, of domestic violence against her. Song Yimin, Bai Jiaqi and his wife actually stopped her from calling the police and checking her injuries. “caused an uproar. As early as last year, Britney accused her husband of 4 shortcomings on the show, one of … Read more

It was revealed that “the 3 reasons for marrying Britney”… the audience was dumbfounded: Looking for a nurse? Net also sighs: What a pity | Entertainment | CTWANT

Xiao Tiantian (Zhang Keyun) recently accused her husband of domestic violence by Mr. Song. When she wanted to escape from the police, she was stopped by Song Yimin, Chen Weiling, Wu Dongyan, and Bai Jiaqi, members of the “Art from Light” church. After the news was exposed, it caused an uproar in the outside world, … Read more

The 25-year-old mother-in-law exposed the “3 reasons” for marrying Britney. Shen Yulin exclaimed: Are you looking for a caregiver-Entertainment-China Times News

The recent turmoil between Britney and Song Yimin’s association has continued to rage. After Song Yimin’s press conference, Britney sent out a thousand-character text to restore the truth and accused her husband of domestic violence the next day. The relationship between the husband and wife seems to be coming to an end. The scenes of … Read more

The domestic violence case of Britney Sweets continues to burn, and the young girl reveals Song Yimin’s “biggest problem”: abandoning the pastor’s work-Entertainment-China Times News

Actress Xiao Tiantian (Zhang Keyun)’s domestic violence has intensified. On the 5th, she wrote a thousand-character long post on Facebook, accusing her husband of Mr. Song’s domestic violence, and criticizing Song Yimin and Bai Jiaqi as domestic violence victims In this regard, the Internet celebrity “Little Girl Advertisement” who often commented on current affairs on … Read more