The outbreak of the epidemic in China, Xi finally spoke, and the officials were confused? | COVID-19 | ) CCP Virus | Xi Jinping |

[Voice of Hope December 27, 2022](Interview and report by our reporter Liang Xin)Since the outbreak of the CCP virus (COVID-19, Wuhan pneumonia) in 2019, Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the Communist Party of China, has “personally commanded and personally deployed” the “dynamic clearing” policy of “when it appears, it will disappear”. After that, it … Read more

Sun Chunlan went to Beijing to change the tone of the epidemic prevention experts suspected that something might happen in Zhongnanhai | Xi Jinping | Clear | “Dynamic Clear”

[The Epoch Times, December 15, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Cheng Jing) The CCP relaxesclearA week after the implementation of the policy, Sun Chunlan, the vice-premier of the Communist Party of China, known as the “Zero Clearing Aunt”, rushed to Beijing on the 13th to guide the epidemic prevention, never mentioning “zero clearing”. French Sinologist … Read more