Forint devaluation: In the power struggle with Brussels, Orbán risks state bankruptcy

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What investment experts now expect on the markets

Traders on the New York Stock Exchange Potential interest rate hikes are weighing on the markets. (Photo: IMAGO/UPI Photo) Frankfurt, Düsseldorf It’s a shock that the markets will probably need some time to digest. After the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank made it unmistakably clear at the weekend that they would continue … Read more

The euro exchange rate slipped to a US dollar for the first time in 20 years

euros and US dollars For the first time since October 2002, the two currencies are worth the same again. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt, New York It’s a historic date: on Tuesday morning, the euro briefly fell to par with the US dollar. The last time the common currency was this weak was almost two decades ago … Read more

Weak euro accelerates Germany’s descent – consequences of the exchange rate collapse

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Asia’s markets are partly losing their high gains from the previous day

Asia’s markets are partly losing their high gains from the previous day

Markets Asia Asian investor sentiment is depressed going into the weekend. (Photo: Reuters) Such Asian markets pared some of yesterday’s high gains in early Friday trading. The weak template from the USA in particular dampened the buying mood of Asian investors. Japan’s leading index, the Nikkei 225, fell by 2.4 percent to 25,064.74 points by … Read more

Why the German market attracts gamblers

Why the German market attracts gamblers

Trading floor of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Historically, the Dax fluctuates more than other major indices. This attracts short-term oriented professional investors. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf First 39 percent down, then 21 percent up: These price movements are reminiscent of gambler shares from the penny stock area, but come from the leading German index Dax. The … Read more