‘IPO big catch’ Eco Pro Materials general subscription attracts attention, the booming secondary battery two-core market is headed

2023-11-08 07:07:43 [비즈니스포스트] EcoPro Materials, the ‘big catch’ of the last initial public offering (IPO) of the year, is attracting attention to the results of the general public offering subscription for general investors. EcoPro Materials performed poorly in the previous demand forecast, but as investment sentiment for secondary battery stocks surged in the aftermath of … Read more

[1106마감체크] Yang market soars due to positive news from short selling ban… KOSDAQ activates sidecar for the first time in 3 years and 5 months

2023-11-06 08:11:00 Panoramic view of the Korea Exchange in Yeouido, Seoul. Photo = Korea Exchange [인포스탁데일리=윤서연 기자] ■ KOSPI Index The KOSPI index closed at 2,502.37, up 5.66%. Last weekend, the New York stock market rose on expectations of the end of Fed interest rate hikes amid a slowdown in employment in October, and stock … Read more

[0920마감체크] A wait-and-see mentality continues ahead of the FOMC meeting results… KOSDAQ falls for 4 consecutive trading days

2023-09-20 08:20:59 Stocks, market, electronic signboard, graph, stock price [인포스탁데일리=윤서연 기자] ■ KOSPI Index The KOSPI index closed at 2,559.74, up slightly by 0.02%. Overnight, the New York stock market fell slightly due to continued inflationary caution ahead of the announcement of the results of the FOMC meeting, and stock markets in major European countries … Read more

EcoPro’s position as ‘Emperor’ is at risk, and the burden of short selling and war also increases.

2023-09-09 00:10:19 [비즈니스포스트] EcoPro’s position as the ’emperor stock’ is in jeopardy due to the recent stock price decline. Ecopro’s stock price fell below 1 million won during the trading day for two consecutive trading days. The short selling balance exceeds 1 trillion won, putting a burden on stock prices. ▲ On the 8th, EcoPro’s … Read more

[0814주요뉴스] 50-year maturity mortgage loan called household loan… Exceeded 1 trillion won in one month

2023-08-14 00:26:30 This is the main news by media at this time on August 14, delivered by Infostock Daily. [인포스탁데일리=윤서연 기자] ▲ 50-year mortgage loan called household loan… Exceeded 1 trillion won in one month A 50-year mortgage loan recently launched by a major bank was found to have been supplied in excess of 1 … Read more