“Ayrden’s Circle” update file released “Hound Footwork” and “Corpse” popular skills have been revised down – Hong Kong mobile game network GameApps.hk

The 1.06 version update includes improved game stability and in-game balance adjustments, and has been released on PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S/Steam® platforms. Summary of the contents of the update file: ▼Additional elements ・Added a function to send Summoning Tokens to multiple areas where the Tokens gather (including distant places). ※When using this function to send … Read more

FromSoftware’s mysterious new work enters the final stage of development, Miyazaki Hidetaka wants to make a more abstract fantasy work | 4Gamers

After the craze of “Elden Ring”, players around the world are quite looking forward to when From Software’s next game will be launched. According to an interview with Japanese media, President Miyazaki Hidetaka revealed that this undisclosed new game has entered development. final stage. according to 4Gamer.net Asked about the initial interview in 2018 when … Read more

There is a strange wall in the volcanic residence of the poisonous “Eldon Circle” in front, and it can also make you dye a green hat | 4Gamers

Although the Elden Ring recently fixed the wall of the Volcano Mansion that took 50 cuts to open (yes, it’s a bug), it seems that the Volcano Mansion has other walls that are problematic, after all. As soon as you touch it, you are poisoned. There is a small platform under the cliff in the … Read more

Unofficial VR version of Ring of Eldon, first-person view of the borderlands | 4Gamers

For a more in-depth experience of the world of Elden Ring, designers are now working on an unofficial VR version that will give players a closer look at the junction. Although “Ayrden’s Ring” is already a third-person perspective, the VR version is designed to allow players to experience it from a first-person perspective. VR module … Read more

“Elden’s Circle” 1.04 Valkyrie has become stronger with a bug, but still can’t win “Let Me Solo Her” | 4Gamers

From Software brought the 4th game balance update to Elden Ring yesterday (19th), mainly for oversized weapons and some spell casting speed adjustments, but the official did not expect this update to be unexpected The “Valkyrie” Malenia got a bug that made her more difficult to fight. As we all know, in addition to her … Read more

“Eldun’s Ring” Hutou said frankly in an interview that he would also miss it, because he loved the Valkyrie design too much | 4Gamers

“Elden Ring” (Elden Ring) has been released for nearly two months. Even though all the endings have been discovered by the public, the depth of the game continues to surprise people, and the focus of the overseas community is more concentrated recently. On a player “Let Me Solo Her” (hereinafter referred to as Brother Hutou), … Read more