E-cars as a new bubble? Lordstown case is the next clue

IA new era seemed to dawn in old Steel Valley when the electric car company came along. Because the managers had a vision. In the region near Pittsburgh, once a gloomy world of blast furnaces, rolling mills and melting pots, they wanted to build the pick-up of the future: a quiet, clean giant with 600 … Read more

EU climate target: Truth Day in Brussels

SA lot has been running towards this date for months in Brussels, but also in Berlin: On July 14th, the EU Commission intends to present the long-awaited plan on how to achieve its own climate protection target. Because so far there is mainly one number: The CO2-Emissions within the EU will decrease by 2030. The … Read more

EU climate protection requirements: Actual combustion ban in 2030? – WORLD

economy EU climate protection targets from 2030 Actual combustion ban? “A bet that we cannot win globally” Stand: 07.07.2021 | Reading time: 4 minutes New EU requirements could drive car manufacturers further into a corner Source: Getty Images / Westend61 VDA President Hildegard Müller fears that the EU will adopt a de facto ban on … Read more