“Sunari Ratchasima” opens her heart to love life for 9 years with a foreign husband get separate bedrooms

is another couple in the entertainment industry that is very cute for the couple Lukthung singer, MC, and actor “Sunari Ratchasima” with Husbands of different ages, foreigners “Waator” at last The couple held hands together to open up their love life for 9 years. through the list “Saab Talk Show” talk to “Benz Pornchita” and … Read more

“Jennifer Kim” opens a picture of a necklace of 1.3 billion of “Hiso Sumanee”. I’m stunned when I see it?

By yesterday (September 11, 65) quality vocal singers, MCs, and big-name actors like “Jack Kim” or “Jennifer Kim” has revealed the image while wearing it The most magnificent jewelry of “Hiso Sumanee” or “Sumanee Kunakasem” title holder “Barbie in Thailand” with earrings, necklaces, rings decorated with large diamonds, very luxurious, plus a diamond necklace alone … Read more

I know. Rumors of “famous actress” – “singer” quit. What is the cause?

called over a period of more than 1 week. Many people are still keeping an eye on the rumors. “Famous heroine” with “singer” that shows love, cracks, breaks up continuously after the page is loud and unfolds Hints out puzzles to make them wonder until many people focus on the couple. “Famous heroine” with “singer” … Read more

“Ann Thongprasom” confirmed another voice of “the famous actor”, this person is actually very handsome, who is it?

I must say just Princess of the entertainment industry talented dramatist “Ann Thongprasom” Post a couple photos and post a behind-the-scenes clip of the drama shoot with “Famous hero” this person on personal instagram @annethong There are many fans flocking to like, like, and come to comment a lot, most recently, fresh and hot today … Read more

Ng, looking at chats leaked. Celebrities invite “female journalists” to play and be harassed in the chat for a dozen times.

Tell me that I’m not alone But the first case that happened was Artist, comedian, father’s age invite “Female reporter” Go up to the room or continue after an appointment for an interview on the desired issue. But what he said was the strongest Because in the middle of the event, it’s no exception, plus … Read more

Dao Khang Fah “Mee Pisamai” opens up about the story in the industry. Ready to leave a warning like this?

by the famous former heroine big stars like “Mee Phitsamai” or “Pisamai Wilaisak” who has been in the entertainment industry for 64 years Considered as another important personnel in the entertainment industry Called as a good example for celebrities. The next generation of actors, the children, the grandchildren is very much because since he was … Read more