Messi in response to Mbappe: We know who we are!

Anwar Ibrahim (Cairo)After Argentina’s 3-0 victory over Italy in the International Cup “Lafinalisima”, during which the European Nations Cup champion “Italy” will face the Copa America champion “Argentina”, star Lionel Messi, captain of the “Tango” team, said that the national team His country has nothing to prove to European countries, and that it has the … Read more

Didier Deschamps or the art of forbidding nothing

TO ANALYSE – The coach of the Blues, who dreams of a new world coronation in Qatar in 2022, leaves all possibilities open as to his personal future. It’s an open secret, Didier Deschamps perfectly masters the art of communication. When he does not want to express himself, to say as little as possible, he … Read more

Who is Ethan Mbappé, Kylian’s little brother, called up for the French U16 team?

Ethan Mbappé, 14, has just been called up for the first time in his young career in U16 for the France team for a 4-day internship. Focus on the second crack of the Mbappé family, a kid who has everything to succeed. He signed his first aspiring contract at PSG this summer After several years … Read more

Mohamed Sanhadji, the guardian angel of the Blues, decorated with the Legion of Honor

PORTRAIT – Son of harki, former peacekeeper and head of security for the France team, he is unknown to the general public, but is an essential link. He was decorated with the Legion of Honor on Monday. Monday, under the gold of the Elysee Palace, Mohamed Sanhadji struggles to hide his strong emotion at the … Read more

Mathieu Valbuena, the big “loser” of the sextape blackmail affair

DECRYPTION – Even if the judgment was favorable to him, the midfielder, who disappeared from the France team, paid a high price for his complaint filed in 2015 to denounce the attempted blackmail. Is Mathieu Valbuena the new Jacques Glassmann in French football? In the spring of 1993, the great defender of Valenciennes had dared … Read more

these records of the Blues that can fall in 2022

Number of selections, goals and series of matches without defeat: the France team and its stars can push their statistical limits in 2022. From the return of Karim Benzema to the coronation in the League of Nations through the fiasco of the Euro, the France team went through all the emotions in 2021. It can … Read more