Private and with pictures – this is how Pascal Saqr will appear in the clip of her new song, “I Love You and You Are Afraid”

During this period, the Lebanese singer Pascal Saqr is working on putting the finishing touches on her new song “I Love You and Menk Khayfa”, written by Emile Fahd, composed by Yahya Al-Hassan, arranged and recorded by Hassan Yahya Al-Maoush, mixed and mastered by Paul Tashjian, produced by Haitham Al-Saeed. Bilqis in a very elegant … Read more

Special Art- An affair between Merva Al-Qadi and Basil Khayyat!

Hadi Youssef Private sources revealed to Al-Fan that the Lebanese actress, Merva Al-Qadi, participated in the series “The Price”, alongside the Syrian actor, Basil Khayyat. The source confirmed that the makers of the work did not disclose Merva Al-Qadi, so that the audience would be met with a heavy-caliber surprise in its first episodes, just … Read more

Special- What are Ramy Gamal’s wishes for 2023?

In a special statement to “Al-Fan” website, the Egyptian artist, Ramy Gamal, said that his wish for the year 2023 is to compose for all male and female singers who have achieved great success in their artistic career, indicating that he does not set specific names as a goal for him, but rather includes all … Read more

Special – Art reveals the truth about preventing entry to the Emirates Moon

Private information revealed that the Lebanese singer, Qamar, is not banned from entering the United Arab Emirates, and that the document that was published about refusing to grant her an entry visa to Dubai was because she had a valid visa on her passport, and there were no problems with the entry of the young … Read more

Special Art – Amr Salama reveals the details of the movie Shamrekh

Director Amr Salama revealed, in an exclusive statement to “Al-Fan” website, that he is about to finish filming his new movie “Shamarikh”, which stars Aser Yassin and Amina Khalil, in the context of a romantic drama mixed with suspense, excitement and action. Salama added that he enjoys the film and its details and feels that … Read more

Special Art – Hani Adel reveals the details of his new album

The artist, Hani Adel, revealed, in an exclusive statement to “Al-Fan”, his willingness to release a new album entitled “The Gray Man”, which includes different colors of music and will be his own project, away from his singing band. Adel explained that 4 songs from the album were filmed and will be released as a … Read more