Al-Hilal Club Faces Possible Fine of 50,000 Riyals for Offensive Chants: Sports Observatory

2023-10-29 08:21:35 Sports Observatory: Former head of the Disciplinary Committee, Fahd Al-Quhaiz, revealed the expected punishment for Al-Hilal after the offensive chants against Al-Ahly. Al-Qahiz said during a phone call on the Al-Wasat program: “If the offensive chants of Al-Hilal fans are confirmed, Al-Hilal Club will be fined 50,000 riyals.” Video | Former Chairman of … Read more

Al-Marsad newspaper: Cristiano Ronaldo’s intriguing conversation with Al-Hilal President Fahd bin Nafel at Riyadh 2023 season opening ceremony

2023-10-29 01:21:35 Al-Marsad newspaper: A short clip documented a side conversation between Portuguese Al-Nasr player Cristiano Ronaldo and Al-Hilal President Fahd bin Nafel, while attending the opening ceremony of the Riyadh 2023 season. The President of Al Hilal and Cristiano exchanged smiles and conversations, as social media pioneers interacted with the smiling snapshot between the … Read more

Watch.. Abdullah Al-Sadhan reveals the details of his dispute with Fahd Al-Hayyan over “Tash Ma Tash”

2023-10-07 10:41:15 Al-Marsad newspaper: Artist Abdullah Al-Sadhan revealed the details of his dispute with the late artist Fahd Al-Hayyan, who wanted to have a larger number of episodes in the Tash Ma Tash series. Al-Sadhan said, during his talk on a podcast: “We told him, ‘These are two ready-made episodes.’ He said, ‘He doesn’t want … Read more

Father’s Exploitation of Minor’s Investment Portfolio Raises Legal Questions: Lawyer Hammoud Al-Najem

2023-08-17 20:47:19 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Lawyer Hammoud Al-Najem commented on the convict Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al-Bunyan’s illegal gains on the investment portfolio belonging to his “minor” son. He said during an interview with Al-Ikhbariya channel: “Exploitation of a minor and trading in his shares under guardianship is an “unprecedented” case. He added: “Since the father has … Read more

“I am oppressed in the media” .. The artist “Fahad Al-Rajhi” breaks his silence and reveals to the “Marsad” the secrets of paralysis and artistic groups full of jealousy and envy

2023-07-31 23:36:18 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Saudi artist and director of horror films, “Fahad Al-Rajhi”, confirmed in an interview with the “Al-Marsad” newspaper that he was wronged in the media, pointing out that paralysis and artistic groups are full of jealousy and envy and do not give a chance to new talents for fear of stealing … Read more

Unveiling the Untold Story: Walid Al-Ibrahim and the Complaint of Abdullah bin Ali Al-Namlah to King Fahd

2023-07-06 04:30:45 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The head of the MBC group, Walid Al-Ibrahim, narrated the story of the complaint filed by the late head of the Royal Guard, retired First Staff Lieutenant General Abdullah bin Ali Al-Namlah to King Fahd against him. Al Ibrahim said, in his interview with “Podcast Eight”: “Once we were with King … Read more