From looking for a home to being adopted by a gay couple accused of raping them and offering them to pedophiles | Society

The Zulocks, an activist gay couple with the desire to be parents. That’s what they looked like. According to the accusation against him, the reality was very different and criminal. In Georgia, USA, the community close to the events is astonished, due to the details revealed by the local authorities, recording the suffering of two … Read more

Tired of phone spam? 2 tools that can help you block annoying calls | Technology

Receiving calls from strangers, or worse, from combinations of numbers and codes that do not even belong to the country, has become a repetitive practice in Chile. These generally come from commercial houses, companies that offer different types of plans or collection companies. To combat them, at BioBioChile we present 2 Internet tools that help … Read more

Single currency in Latin America: the controversial economic plan that Brazil and Argentina seek to raise | International

The “South” could achieve the near impossible: the economic integration of a region whose countries do not even have a common free trade area. Economists are skeptical. Argentina and Brazil want to create a single currency called “South” for all of Latin America, which has become a project with much support and many detractors. If … Read more

Rolex: A luxury brand that really is a charity | Society

Something that Shakira and Rolex have in common, apart from being prominent names, is that they both support various initiatives, both social (UNICEF) and scientific (Mission Blue). The luxury watchmaking brand has not only endured over time for its watches, it has also supported many projects under its non-profit foundation. One of the most prominent … Read more

Entry into force of the Fintec Law is approaching: find out what financial services the regulation will include | Economy

Khipu, Tenpo, Mercado Pago, Cumplo, Destácame, among others, are among the companies that began to operate in the local market in recent years and that with the statute will be incorporated into the regulatory perimeter. As of February 3, 2022, the Ley Fintecwhich promotes competition and financial innovation. It will thus establish a flexible regulatory … Read more

Former Minister Solís for pardons: We should ask the government if it made sense as planned | bbcl_research

in conversation with BioBioChile, the former head of the portfolio and current member of Amarillos Chile, Isidro Solís, points out that eventually a group of parliamentarians could ask the Constitutional Court to declare a pardon unconstitutional. In the event that a pardon is revoked or invalidated, the lawyer sees as the most probable scenario that … Read more