Discover the New Pack of Wolves in the Hautes Fagnes: A Surprising Development

2023-09-13 16:05:10 This is a very big surprise for those who closely follow the establishment of the wolf in our country. A third pack is now officially listed in the Fagnes where at least 19 wolves currently live. This summer, cubs were photographed in the south of the Hautes Fagnes. A strange observation since the … Read more

Unusual Discovery: Medical Examiner Confronts Bizarre Scene in the Fagnes

2023-08-22 17:24:33 “It’s quite original” jokes the Verviers division prosecutor, Gilles de Villers Grand Champ. What he describes as original is the discovery of the medical examiner called to the Fagnes, to Baelen, to examine a body discovered by walkers. And if he allows himself to laugh about it, it is because the body in … Read more