The Covid-19 vaccine does not affect fertility

R. I. Madrid Updated:01/21/2022 17:33h Keep Related news Vaccination against Covid-19 does not affect chances of conceiving a child, according to a study of more than 2,000 couples. The researchers of the Boston University (USA) found no difference in the chances of conception if the male or female partner had been vaccinated, compared to unvaccinated … Read more

the preservation of fertility, a question that must always be asked

DOSSIER – Any cancer patient will not have a fertility disorder. But each child or adult of childbearing age should receive information before the start of treatment, an obligation enshrined in law and too little respected. “Since the 2010s, several judgments of the Court of Cassation have considered that not offering fertility preservation when it … Read more

According to a US study, corona vaccination apparently improves sperm quality

RTL> December 04, 2021 – 8:29 am clock Corona vaccination has a positive effect on sperm There are many myths surrounding the vaccination against the corona virus – one of them: it makes you sterile or impotent. This is not true, however. Several studies agree on this. Quite the opposite: it should even improve the … Read more

Carina Lau explained in person after 13 years of marriage: Too Wai Leung | Entertainment | CTWANT

Carina Lau and Tony Leung have been in love for 20 years. The wedding was held in Bhutan in 2008, but they have not had any children together for so long. They have always maintained the two-person world, but there have been many rumors. Carina Lau answered this question in person, frankly confessing that she … Read more

High house prices cause trouble?Shenzhen people with the highest birth rate are reluctant to give birth | Pregnant women | Epoch Times

【Epoch Times September 18, 2021】ShenzhenIt used to be the city with the highest average birth rate on the mainland, but ShenzhenPregnant womanThe number of people has been declining in recent years. People don’t like having children anymore. Some people think it’s high.House priceTo blame. According to a report by China Databank on September 18, from … Read more