Fifi Abdo without makeup mourns Georges Al-Rassi and Zina Al-Murabi

The artist, Fifi Abdo, appeared without makeup on her page on the Instagram website, and Fifi Abdo was keen to console the Lebanese people, the family, fans and fans of the artist George Al-Rassi and his companion Zina Al-Marabi, who also left in the car accident that George Al-Rassi suffered after returning from a party … Read more

Fifi Abdo ignites social networking sites with her dance in her red dress

The Egyptian actress and dancer createdFifi AbdoA sensation after she shared a new video on her social networking page. Fifi appeared in the video, wearing a red dress with a hole in the chest, which showed the beauty of her body and her high taste by choosing her clothes, and she wore a new hairdo … Read more

Exceeded all expectations.. You won’t believe how rich is the belly dance star, Fifi Abdo, and how many marriages she has?

Many of the audience wonder about the wealth of the artist, Fifi Abdo, who was born in Menoufia Governorate, and who started her life as a folk dancer in the Akef Troupe, and she ran away from her family when they opposed the idea of ​​her work in the field of dance. As he mentioned, … Read more

El-Araby Hanoun .. The story of a drummer who worked with Adawiya, Najwa Fouad and Mohamed Rushdy..Video and photos

A large number of percussionists (tabla or darbuka) became famous for their great professionalism in playing and playing this instrument that no musical group abandoned. Among these, Hanoun Al-Arabi, the first to play three drums at the same time, and contemporary of the generation of fine art Ahmed Adawiya, Muhammad Rushdi and Samir Al-Iskandarani Hani … Read more

Actress Fifi Abdo is exposed to an embarrassing situation after the funeral of the late Samir Sabry .. You will not believe what happened to her and shocked all Egyptians!

The Egyptian actress, Fifi Abdo, was exposed to an embarrassing situation, after the funeral of the late star Samir Sabry. The car in which Fifi Abdo was traveling broke down during her return trip to Cairo Governorate from Alexandria, forcing her to stay inside the vehicle, while she was being carried aboard a rescue winch. … Read more

(Would you like to write an ordinary dancer on your grave?) .. Fifi Abdo was surprised by this question, making her face red with embarrassment, but she replied without hesitation or shame!

The face of the Egyptian actress, Fifi Abdo, turned red, and she became angry with her media host, Basma Wahba, because of the latter’s presentation of one of the questions of the Iraqi broadcaster Nizar Al-Faris about writing “The Dancer” on Abdo’s tombstone. The Egyptian artist responded, revealing shocking details, boldly and without shame: “I … Read more