The Blue Camp “Ten Beauty” campaign party said that 30,000 people were beaten in the face by a four-forked cat. Lu Xiuyan responded | Politics | Newtalk News

In response to the claim that 30,000 people poured into the Blue Camp “Perfect Women Support Taiwan” joint campaign meeting was slapped by the four-forked cat, Lu Xiuyan said that the question may have been misled by the photos before the opening.Picture: Taken from the four-forked cat (Liu Yu) Facebook Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan held … Read more

Guo Taiming said that Taiwan needs 1,000 Gao Hongan four-forked cats: Can’t grab 990 Fei Tao Fei and run away crying? | Politics | Newtalk News

Four-forked cat’s Facebook message.Photo: Flip from the four-forked cat Facebook Gao Hongan, a candidate for the mayoral election of Hsinchu People’s Party, has been criticized by the outside world for a few days after being exposed to the storm of papers, gaffes, and academic qualifications. Gao Hongan also hurriedly apologized and even shed tears during … Read more

The four-forked cat revealed that Gao Hongan was tutoring Zhou Yukou in the second year of his sophomore year: the academic bully was actually a crammer | Society | Newtalk News

Gao Hongan, a candidate for the mayor of Hsinchu of the People’s Party, was revealed by the villager goddess “Four-forked Cat” that she had signed up for a cultural and educational cram school since she was a sophomore at a normal university, and the cram school also used her as an advertisement.Figure: Flip from Liu … Read more

Zheng Baoqing was asked by 3 if he took the money from the Communist Party to hang up Zhou Yukou’s phone in seconds | Politics | Newtalk News

Zheng Baoqing, a former DPP legislator who insisted on running for the mayor of Taoyuan, was caught in the controversy when he was bombarded with buying the Internet Army but did not pay the balance.Figure: Flip from Zheng Baoqing’s Facebook Zheng Baoqing, a former legislator of the DPP, insisted on running for mayor of Taoyuan, … Read more

The four-forked cat exploded and downloaded the Zhan Jiangcun Theory document as soon as the document was opened, the author was not Zhan | Politics | Newtalk News

Sichamao said on Facebook that after downloading the PDF file of Zhan Jiangcun’s thesis, when he opened it, he found that the author of the file was a classmate of Zhan Jiangcun.Figure: Flip from the four-forked cat Facebook The KMT desperately attacked the former mayor of Hsinchu City, Lin Zhijian, for his case, but netizens … Read more

Zheng Baoqing is dissatisfied with “Jianxia Peng Shang”‘s post to bombard the four-forked cat and broke the news: “All those who support him are fake accounts” | Politics | Newtalk News

Sichamao found that Zheng Baoqing had a large number of fake accounts to help support after Zheng Baoqing posted the article.Picture: Flip from the four-forked cat Facebook Lin Zhijian, a former DPP candidate for mayor of Taoyuan, announced his withdrawal from the election yesterday due to the plagiarism of his thesis. Zheng Baoqing, a former … Read more